Birthdays and family events deserve to be celebrated in style and with class! Planning a memorable Birthday event can take hours of work. If you’re just not sure where to start, it can become a daunting task, spoiling your desire for it be a memorable birthday party.

By engaging the services of a Professional Event Planner, you can save not only time and money but also realize your desire for it to be a truly memorable birthday party.

ONS Events will help you organize and successfully execute a memorable birthday party that will leave a lasting impression and be talked about for days to come.

We offer customized services including :


Imagine a birthday party with the theme that you or your child or any birthday person loves and adores. It will set the right tone and create the right ambiance for the birthday party.

Apart from putting up favourite characters or themes, we also design mascots and decorations to suit every theme.


There is nothing like a fun game to bring the party to life. It sets the buzz rolling and gets the crowd up from their seats, get active and soak in the good time.

Our team will add excitement to your celebration with some new, unusual games for kids, youngsters and elders. It could be anything from run to jump, paint, hide, sing, dance, etc. And it will be done with style, good taste and impeccable execution to uplift the spirit of the party.

We can also arrange for wonderful venues, delicious food and the best party entertainment around.


Are you caught up planning for your company’s conference or meet? Feeling pressured that the bar has been raised even higher this year.

No problem for ONS Events is well-placed to delivering an original, exciting and inspiring conference or meet in line with your expectations.

Our smart team of event professionals have the requisite conference knowledge that comes from their vast experience and which is leveraged along with our logistic capabilities to create a conference or meeting that makes the right impact and is productive in all ways. They will customize the theme of the conference or meeting to the requirements of our clients.

We and our experienced professionals are committed to quality reliability, economy and responsiveness. We are known for our genuine, ethics, courtesy and dedication to high professional standards.

Our services touch upon:

By taking a huge burden from your shoulders, we take care of the conference or meeting’s every need from concept to completion.


Is your company planning a grand gala event to celebrate its anniversary? OR an annual day?

Whatever it’s, you can rely on ONS Events to have a Corporate Event run without a hitch. We handle a wide selection of Corporate Events, from a Sales Meet to an event to celebrate your anniversary or a function to reward or motivate your staff or, to say 'thank you' to your clients for their business. For each kind of event, we have the team with the skills and loads of ideas to make your corporate event a grand success. In addition, our team possess the passion, knowledge and capability to produce your perfect Corporate Event; delivering a lasting impression.

More importantly, we have a sound contact network and a good selection of vendors with various support services that may be required for your event. This enables us to give more choices to your event.

Some popular programmes that we can arrange include –


For any organization, a good, efficient team is crucial for its progress and growth. It’s here, we can organize quality team building events that can bring together your employees in a strong bond and turn them into a cohesive team.

ONS team of event professionals are skilled and experienced in planning innovative team building activities which have the right mix of excitement, adventure and entertainment. They will infuse creative themes that will test your team and bind them together in pursuing the result. All our programmes help your team members to understand each other better, coordinate, cooperate and enhance overall performance.

All our programmes are customized depending on the need and nature of each organization and the purpose of the exercise.


An Award Ceremony is a special event. To make it truly special, it needs to be conducted with style and panache to make it memorable, not monotonous and lengthy!

We at ONS Events make any kind of corporate ceremony from awards to farewells, etc, entertaining and motivating for all who attend. Using their expertise, our tea, will help you plan your event in style, ensuring that the audience have a great time.

If you’re planning a Corporate Event, we'll suggest the best options for you that will match any budget and will ensure that the event has a smooth working from start to end. From planning to final implementation, our team will ensure that it lifelong memorable.


There is a famous saying ‘First impressions are ever lasting impressions’. That is what a product that is being launched should achieve else the very purpose of it is defeated.

An effective product launch making targeted customers to try out the product becomes the critical step to its success, resulting in faster time-to-market process. If the product’s brand is activated in the minds and hearts of the targeted customers, then its launch can be said to have achieved its goal.

ONS Events has the resources, tools and techniques you will need to host an effective and memorable product launch. Using our expertise, we can undertake product launch of any type with the necessary décor and concept that will bring your product / service to life.

With an in-depth analysis of any product, our team can design a tailor made launch that will ensure customer connect with the product on a level that matters and propels them into the market in an effective manner.


Is your dream wedding on the way? Keen on making it something one of a kind?

Relax for we are here to help you make it just that. ONS Events handles any kind of wedding with a professional ease that will make you proud. As a Wedding consultant / coordinator, we offer the best professional advice to guide you through the arduous task of planning your wedding.

Our team not only possess the requisite skills, but also the knack of understanding precisely your needs and make a wedding which reflects your style, taste and personality and all of it within your budget. From a Wedding to Engagement, Sangeet, Mehindi, Reception, flower décor, birthday party or any other Family event, our team will work out the details and with commitment will ensure your special occasion will be everlasting memorable.

Some of our wedding service includes:

For us as well, your wedding is a special occasion for it compels us to put our best performance. From the wedding cards to decoration, lights, food, flowers and more, we ensure the best that will become a warm occasion that will stay put in one’s memories for long.

If you’re planning one or someone else wedding is coming up, look no further than ONS Events.


Looking for a Venue for hosting a grand celebration? Finding it a problem?

Fret no more for ONS Events offers quality free venue finding service for all types of events. Using our healthy contact network and vast knowledge of venues from traditional to contemporary and unusual, we help you zero in on the perfect venue for your event.

Whatever be the occasion from weddings to parties, birthdays, corporate meets, etc, we will find you the perfect venue to suit your type of event, size of event and budget. In addition, we also help out with local accommodation if it's not available at your chosen venue.